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Coming soon!  A limited run of sunburst 100 Series Guitars!

Don't have dates yet but give us a call for further details.

We all know the quality and value of the 100's so now in sunburst!

Wow!  Just got one of each in.....fantastic guitars!  Stop in!

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The new Taylor T5Z's have arrived!  Smaller and more compact

and easier to handle in more crowded spaces.  For the electric player!

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Great news!  Taylor is offering interest-free financing

if paid in full in twelve months!


More really cool Taylor Guitars - take a look:




Every day someone tells me that "...I never win anything..."

Well here's the T.M. customer who won the Grand Prize!

Teri's entry was drawn from all that were submitted at every

Taylor Road Show during 2012!  See!  Fill out those forms!


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Take a look at the Taylor BTO that we just made for a customer!

Paul will be visiting Taylor at months end to select some exotic wood

sets for more custom guitars.  If you have an interest in making your

dream guitar, give Paul a call!

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More recognition from NAMM for our great promotional efforts with Taylor Guitars!

Top 100 Dealer and the Best Sales Promotion among almost nine-thousand music stores nationwide!

Take a look http://www.namm.org/summer/2011/articles/best-sales-promotion-tobias-music-downers-grove-il

Log on to this link also from our friends at Taylor Guitars http://www.taylorguitars.com/news/


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Some cool Taylor colors! A green "Modify A Model", a honey burst 616CE, and a blue double cutaway electric!


                                                   wpe1.jpg (50126 bytes)    wpe2.jpg (62035 bytes)

                           Taylor Guitar raffle at the 2011 Fox Valley Folk Festival and Paul with the lucky winner!


Some great pictures from our Roadshow by our friend, Russ Lowe!

        wpe2.jpg (73351 bytes)   wpe3.jpg (38875 bytes)   wpe4.jpg (39290 bytes)   wpe5.jpg (25491 bytes)

                  See the rest of his fine work at:  http://russlowe.blogspot.com/2010/09/taylor-guitars-roadshow-with-bob-taylor.html

Thanks Russ!  Paul & Ken


     214E, 210, 210E, 210CE,  516CE Natural/Englemann, 856CE, 110E Burst,

110E Natural, 214CE, 110CE, 114, 114E, 114CE, 914CE,

314CE, 414CE, 814CE, 616CE HB, 456CE, 322E, 214E-N,

         214CE-SB-DLX, T3-B Natural in Exotic Quilted Maple (photo below)

wpe1.jpg (89204 bytes)

816CE, 856, 714CE, 516CE Cedar, Burst, Gotoh tuners,

     T5Z-Pro Maple Borrego, T5s Honeyburst, T5 Pro Pacific Blue,

818E, 810E, 516CE, K24CE,

  8 String Baritone Sunburst, 716CE Cedar Top Gotoh Tuners,

Ps: The GS Mini guitars are now available in left-handed!  

Big Baby's, GS Mini Mahogany, GS Mini RW-E,   Baby "M",

Remaining Fall Limiteds

510E-FLTD in Tazmanian Blackwood and Shaded Top!

And a 712E-12 Fret-FLTD Sassafras!

Two of the new 150E 12 strings are finally here!   Call-these are real hot!

Ooops! Sorry, one gone already!


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   The Bacon Brothers, Kevin and Mike, stop at Tobias Music to "talk Taylors" with Dad and the Tobias Brothers!

The Taylor T-3's

DSC_0041 (Large).jpg (61087 bytes)              DSC_0047 (Large).jpg (83553 bytes)         wpe3.jpg (27972 bytes)

                                                Bob with the new T3's                  Bob Taylor and Dad                        Bob and Paul

wpe1.jpg (10480 bytes)           wpe1.jpg (11465 bytes)        wpe2.jpg (10928 bytes)

Now stocking these exciting new guitars!  The Taylor T3 series guitars are finally available with or without the Bigsby tremolo and in natural, tobacco sunburst, honey sunburst, red edgeburst, black, and orange!  Check "Dad's Chalkboard" or e-mail us for availability and best pricing!  For more information, click on link below.




Late last year, our friends at Taylor Guitars invited a select few dealers to their facility in El Cajon, California for a visit combined with product training.  The highlight of the week was Bob Taylor's invitation to visit his premium wood storage area to select sets of wood for Build-To-Order guitars!  Paul and Ken Tobias were fortunate to be able to select two sets of wood to be made into very special guitars.  Bob Taylor himself selected the premium spruce tops for these instruments.  Paul and Ken picked a Grafted Walnut set and a Cocobolo set.  When they returned to Downers Grove, the walnut set was sold immediately and made into a 12 string guitar for a left-handed customer.  Paul and Ken then designed a second guitar from the Cocobolo set and the guitar was delivered shortly thereafter.  The pictures of the guitar are below!

                                       wpe1.jpg (10257 bytes)  wpe6.jpg (36804 bytes)  wpe1.jpg (7738 bytes)

The lucky owner of this guitar not only got one of the most beautiful guitars ever offered at Tobias Music but  received a CD of photos of the Taylor factory tour along with pictures of Bob Taylor and Paul selecting the most suitable top for this special guitar!  Give us a call if you have an interest in an instrument of this quality!


                              wpe8.jpg (21737 bytes)  wpe9.jpg (38359 bytes)  wpe2.jpg (69001 bytes)

Our friends at Taylor Guitars have worked hard recently to simplify and speed up their Build-To-Order program!  We just received modified forms and an updated list of inlay options.  All this was done to make it quicker and easier to order the guitar that you have dreamed about (like the example above.)  Check with Paul or Ken for details!  We'll make it easy and economically feasible to make your dream guitar!  Below is another beautiful example of a very special Walnut guitar from the Build-To-Order program (sorry, already sold.)

                                                               wpe1.jpg (59334 bytes)                  wpe2.jpg (62397 bytes)


We encourage all of our Taylor Guitar lovers to stop in to the Taylor factory if they visit Southern California!  Here are some pictures of happy visitors and Taylor owners!

        wpe3.jpg (83456 bytes)    wpe2.jpg (77626 bytes)

                                                            Tobias Music friends visiting the Taylor Guitar operation in El Cajon.

                                              wpe1.jpg (96239 bytes)

                                                                     Bill P. and his Taylor T5 at Sandi P's. birthday bash.

                           wpe1.jpg (63018 bytes)                      wpe1.jpg (52807 bytes)

                       Karl, Stephen, Maria, & Mike at the Taylor plant in El Cajon.        Stephen performing with his Taylor solid-body.

                  wpe2.jpg (68581 bytes)          wpe1.jpg (72430 bytes)         

              Taylor Guitar raffle at the Fox Valley Folk Festival, 2009.         Stephen and Bob Taylor in Nasville at the NAMM Convention. 

                wpe1.jpg (82888 bytes)                        SmStephenStage.jpg (86583 bytes)

         Alessandro, Francesco, Ken, Paul, & Igor.  Alessandro and                                           Stephen at the "stage door."    

  friends were visiting Tobias Music all the way from Italy to design

   a Build-To-Order Taylor for Alessandro.  It was a stunning guitar!

               wpe1.jpg (52642 bytes)                    wpe1.jpg (63534 bytes)      

                           A friend in England, Ken, visits with Bob Taylor at a Road Show in London and then stops at Tobias Music.

                   wpe1.jpg (82720 bytes)                         wpe2.jpg (43618 bytes)

          Martin came all the way from Lima Peru for his new Taylor!     The Birthday Girl with her "Shelly Rose Signature Taylor Guitar."

                                                             wpe1.jpg (51748 bytes)                          wpe2.jpg (28840 bytes)

                                                                                         Joel and Jim F. rock at Jim's birthday bash!

                                           wpe1.jpg (57943 bytes)      wpe2.jpg (71651 bytes)      wpe3.jpg (71088 bytes) 

                                                              Stephen at the Downers Grove Fest along with all of his f(amily)ans!

wpe1.jpg (77120 bytes)

Nicole and Heather test drive some really special Taylor guitars!

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Fantastic!  More accolades from our dear friends at Taylor Guitars!  Top 10 Dealer (actually #6) and the largest in the state of Illinois!

And, once again in 2009, 2010, 2011, and in 2012 the biggest Taylor dealer in the state!

              wpe3.jpg (90900 bytes)    wpe2.jpg (91195 bytes)

             Joel, Paul, and the Taylor guys on ABC News the morning before our record-setting Roadshow at the historic Tivoli Theater.